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Is there a Move Over Law in Arizona?

Presently in Arizona a Move Over law exists. Our Arizona residents are probably wondering as to what this law is all about. More than likely Arizona drivers have witnessed an emergency vehicle and police vehicles assisting accident victims, investigating a car accident or pulling a driver over at some point when driving on Arizona roadways and highways.

It is natural for drivers not involved in the accident or incident to slow down out of curiosity, and glance over to see what is happening. Curiosity may get the best of drivers and they may forget to move over or may not realize or know they are required by law to move over when emergency personnel and police are stopped.

This law is known as the Move Over Law. It went into effect nearly a decade ago in 2005 to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities emergency personnel and police were experiencing when assisting the public in vehicular accidents.

Specifically, Arizona Statute Sec. 28-775E-1-2 governs the Move Over Law. It states that if a motorist, while driving on Arizona roadways, approaches an emergency vehicle which is stopped on the side of the road and has its flashing lights on, the driver of the vehicle has two options - if it is multi-lane roadway one option for the driver is to signal and cautiously merge or move into the next lane; if changing a lane is not possible because it may pose an additional safety risk or if there are no lanes to move over, then to reduce speed and drive with extreme caution. By obeying the Move Over law, collisions with emergency or police vehicles and injuries that can result because of the accident can be minimized.

Source: Arizona Department of Public Safety, "Move Over Law," Accessed Sep. 21, 2015

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