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Car fires following an accident can result in burn injuries

Most Arizona residents who own and drive a car more than likely understand that driving a vehicle is inherently risky, but many assume the risk and at some level are cognizant of the fact that car accidents can happen. When it comes to news about car crashes and collisions, many may think that negligent activities such as speeding, distracted driving or driving while intoxicated played a role. Though it is true that negligence on the part of a driver may play a role, every accident is different and facts in every case must be carefully examined to determine the cause.

Though the initial collision can cause damage and injuries, a secondary event like a car fire due to a broken fuel line can result in even more severe injuries. Vehicles involved in the accident can start on fire, which may cause serious burn injuries to those involved in an accident who may already be injured by the impact of a collision.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments across the United States responded to over 152,000 car fires annually between 2006-2010. These fires reportedly resulted in over 200 fatalities and over 760 injuries.

NFPA also notes that on an average about 17 car fires are called in every 60 minutes and result in about four deaths each week. However, NFPA notes that most car fires are due to mechanical or electrical faults. Though it is estimated that only four percent of car accidents result in car fires, they accounted for nearly 60 percent of fatalities. Furthermore, car fires due to an accident can produce toxic vapor and gases from material burning.

Source: National Fire Protection Association, "Vehicles," Accessed Sept. 7, 2015

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