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Does risk of being injured in car accident increase as one ages?

When it comes to car accidents, many people have likely heard and read media stories about distracted drivers, teen drivers and drunk drivers. But, what many do not think about is older adult drivers.

Our Arizona residents may find it interesting to learn that according to a Centers for Disease Control statistic, an estimated 36 million drivers who are licensed to drive a car in the United States are aged 65 and older. As baby boomers enter retirement, this estimate is only expected to increase. Though an older driver can indulge in behaviors such as distracted and impaired driving, one may wonder if simply being an older driver puts one at a greater risk of being injured or killed in a car accident?

Without a doubt, having the ability to drive gives older drivers independence. Nevertheless, according to the CDC as one ages the risk of either losing one's life or being injured in a car accident also increases. In fact, a 2012 CDC report which looked at older adult drivers and car accidents, estimated that annually over 5,500 drivers over the age of 65 lost their life and over 214,000 suffered injuries in car accidents. Furthermore, according to this same report a little over 580 older adults sustain injuries daily in car accidents.

The CDC report found that the car accident fatality rate was noticeably higher for older adult drivers between the age of 70 and 74, and highest for those aged 85 and older. CDC attributed the higher fatality rate, in part, to older drivers being more susceptible to suffering an injury in a car accident and having medical complications following a car accident rather than an increased tendency to be involved in an accident. However, CDC noted that a general decline in vision, physical ability and in cognitive abilities such as the ability to remember and make rational decisions could potentially impact the driving ability of older drivers.

Though car accidents can injure people of ages, older drivers are more likely to be killed and sustain serious injuries.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "Injury Prevention & Control: Motor Vehicle Safety - Older Adult Drivers," May 27, 2015

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