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Truck accident on I-10 kills one in blaze

Injurious and even fatal accidents on the roadways happen with little or no warning. Following an accident, authorities typically close lanes or roads to clear debris, gather evidence and conduct accident investigation to determine the cause of the accident. Such accident-related closures may slow down traffic, and may lead motorists to wonder what the congestion and hold-up is all about. Though many people do not think about it, secondary vehicular accidents following a primary car accident unfortunately happen too often, resulting in serious injuries and death.

Arizona residents familiar with Interstate 10 may find it alarming to learn that according to recent media reports following a four-car accident on I-10 which resulted in injuries to several people and took the life of at least one person, the ensuring traffic congesting additionally lead to an 18-wheeler rear-ending another semi-truck. In total four semi-trucks were involved in the secondary accident. As a result of the collision the first semi-truck caught fire. Tragically the semi-truck driver lost his life in the blaze.

Preliminary accident investigation reports indicated that the first accident was due to a driver driving in the wrong direction. The second accident was allegedly because the semi-truck driver did not slow down for the traffic congestion caused by the first multi-car accident. According to authorities, preliminary findings indicate that trucker fatigue did not play in a role in the accident.

Those injured in accidents on the roadways may suffer long-term injuries such as spinal cord injuries, head and neck injuries and burn injuries. Such life-changing injuries may require lengthy medical treatments. For victims of vehicular accidents on roadways, seeking compensation from a negligent driver who caused an accident may not only give the individual and their families some sense of justice, but also could help cover resulting medical expenses if the case is successful.

Source: CBS 5 AZ, "Wrong-way fatal crash on I-10 triggers second deadly pile-up," Phil Benson, July 11, 2015

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