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Examining legal options after a dog bite

Residents may find it helpful to learn that when it comes to dog bite related injuries, Arizona is currently a strict liability state. Many dog bite victims may not be familiar with what this means legally for them. In essence, strict liability in dog bite cases means that unless it can be shown that a dog was provoked before it bites a victim, dog owners are strictly responsible and liable for their dog’s behavior and conduct.

Showing that a dog bite injury was received with no provocation is of great importance in such cases. An injured party may be able to get compensation for their medical expenses, treatment, any lost wages resulting directly from the dog bite incident and more.

Dog bite victims should know that immediately following a dog bite incident, first and foremost it is important to seek medical help for one’s injuries. Furthermore, it is essential to report the incident to law enforcement and file a report. Though it may not automatically occur to most people, having photographic evidence of one’s injuries will help to document the extent of injuries. In some cases, if a dog bites a victim’s face for instance, cosmetic surgery may be necessary to prevent disfigurement and decrease the appearance of scars.

If you or someone you know has suffered an unprovoked dog bite with injuries in Arizona, it may be beneficial and helpful to work with a law firm such as the law firm of Keith A. Hammond P.C. Experience in handling dog bite cases can be beneficial when seeking to understand your legal options. For more, visit our dog bite webpage.

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