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July 2015 Archives

Intoxicated 14-year-old driver allegedly causes car accident

According to reports, in a recent accident involving a sedan and a sport utility vehicle, at least two individuals and a 3-year-old child were critically injured. Local law enforcement in Phoenix indicated that the accident occurred when a 14-year-old driving while under the influence disregarded a red traffic signal and subsequently collided with the SUV with at least three people in it.

Examining legal options after a dog bite

Residents may find it helpful to learn that when it comes to dog bite related injuries, Arizona is currently a strict liability state. Many dog bite victims may not be familiar with what this means legally for them. In essence, strict liability in dog bite cases means that unless it can be shown that a dog was provoked before it bites a victim, dog owners are strictly responsible and liable for their dog’s behavior and conduct.

Can the owner of a service dog be liable for a dog bite injury?

It is important for Arizona residents to keep in mind that under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Arizona Statute Sec. 11-1024, it is against the law to discriminate against a person with a disability who uses and relies on their service animal to get around and to perform tasks for the person.

Truck accident on I-10 kills one in blaze

Injurious and even fatal accidents on the roadways happen with little or no warning. Following an accident, authorities typically close lanes or roads to clear debris, gather evidence and conduct accident investigation to determine the cause of the accident. Such accident-related closures may slow down traffic, and may lead motorists to wonder what the congestion and hold-up is all about. Though many people do not think about it, secondary vehicular accidents following a primary car accident unfortunately happen too often, resulting in serious injuries and death.

Arizona is the strictest state when it comes to DUI cases

In a perfect world, car accidents would never happen and everyone would obey and observe existing laws. However, reality is very different. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2012 alone nearly 31 percent of deaths in car accident on the U.S. highways occurred because someone was operating their vehicle while driving intoxicated.

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