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Safety tips for drivers and pedestrians to avoid accidents

No one wants to be involved an accident. However, the fact of the matter is that there are times when a pedestrian and a motor vehicle may come in contact, and the impact of that contact can result in serious injuries or death. In an effort to minimize and prevent such pedestrian-car accidents, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, in its initiative "Everyone is a pedestrian," has offered some tips which both drivers and pedestrians can implement to be safe.

For drivers, regardless of where one is driving, it is very important to be alert and on the look- out for people who are walking. Though one does not expect to see a person walking on or near a freeway, there are times when pedestrians walk where they are not supposed to. For pedestrians, it is extremely important to stay off of freeways and highways altogether. These are generally pedestrian prohibited roadways.

Car drivers and pedestrians should avoid distracted driving and distracted walking, respectively. It is important for pedestrians to cross at designated cross-walks. Typically, drivers expect to see pedestrians at crosswalks and will be more alert at such known crossings. It is also important to walk on designated sideways. But, if one has no option but to walk on the street because a sideway is not available, then one should walk against traffic and as far as is humanly possible from oncoming vehicles. Drivers must exercise extra caution when they see a pedestrian walking, follow all existing speed limits, and slow down when approaching a person on foot.

By incorporating and implementing these simple tips in one's daily life, an individual, whether a pedestrian or a motorist, can be part of the solution and reduce injuries and fatalities caused by pedestrian-car accidents. However, the fact remains that accidents will not come to an end any time soon. Therefore, those who are harmed in a wreck should consider their legal options in an attempt to recover their losses.

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation, "Traffic Safety Facts - 2012 Data", accessed Mar. 16, 2015

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