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Does wearing a seat belt reduce injuries in truck accidents?

Arizona residents may find it interesting to learn that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention being involved in a truck accident during the course of one's regularly assigned task of trucking on roadways is a leading cause of fatalities for truck drivers.

The CDC estimated that in 2012 over 690 large truck drivers, such as semi drivers, lost their life in a truck accident, and for every truck driver killed about six others, such as those in another vehicle, a pedestrian or a person biking, was also killed. The estimated number of those killed includes truck passengers as well. Additionally, nearly 26,000 truck drivers or those travelling with them as passengers suffered injuries. The CDC in its trucker safety study noted that not wearing a seat belt likely resulted in more injuries to truck drivers.

Although wearing a seat belt is required under existing federal trucking regulations, the CDC estimated that in 2013 nearly 17 percent of truck drivers while on the job and driving on the roadways did not wear a seat belt. Furthermore, about 33 percent of truck drivers or their passengers who lost their life in a truck accident were found to be not wearing a seat belt. The CDC estimated that by wearing a seat belt nearly 40 percent of these deaths could be been prevented.

In fact, the CDC notes that wearing a seat belt has been shown to save lives and reduce the injuries a person may suffer in a crash. Presently, regardless of whether someone is driving their personal motor vehicle or driving a truck as a part of their job, wearing a seat belt is required by law. Existing seat belts laws allow law enforcement personnel to pull over a driver if they see the driver or a passenger of a car or commercial truck not wearing a seat belt.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "Trucker Safety: Using a seat belt matters," Accessed March 23, 2015

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