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February 2015 Archives

Understanding dog bite injury incidence and how to prevent them

Almost anyone who has owned a dog will agree that dogs are loving animals and make wonderful and loyal pets. But like humans, dogs have personalities and how they behave and interact with other animals and humans not only depends on their upbringing but also what they perceive as a threat. Sometimes even a loving dog may attack others and cause injuries.

What rules and regulations apply to commercial motor vehicles?

In order to understand what rules and regulations apply to commercial motor vehicles, one must have a basic understanding of what vehicles are considered to be CMV's in Arizona. Under current Arizona law, CMV is defined as any single or a combination of vehicles that are specifically made, utilized or maintained to either transport people or goods for profit on Arizona highways.

Wrong-way drunk driver kills one and injures another

Most drivers in Arizona are aware that driving is a privilege and upon issuance of a driving license, they have a legal duty to obey all traffic laws while operating their vehicle. Though many people take this duty seriously, others fail to do so. This breach of duty can cause harm to another, taking many forms. Fortunately, victims may be able to hold a negligent driver liable for damages and injuries stemming from the accident.

Have you suffered burn injuries in a car accident?

Car accidents are unpredictable and can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere without any warning. When accidents occur, those involved may suffer injuries. The injuries can be either non-serious or serious in nature and may affect the head, spine and back. Additionally, one also may sustain burn injuries, which can happen when the fuel tank in the vehicles involved in the collision ruptures due to the accident. In this type of situation, the spilled fuel finds an ignition source and ignites, potentially engulfing all that is in its path in flames.

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