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January 2015 Archives

Which animals are implicated in animal bite cases in AZ?

There are many and different types of species of animals in this world. Most people are familiar with the broad categories of wildlife, domesticated animals and livestock. Thus, when it comes to a personal injury resulting from an animal bite, it is very important to properly classify the animal that has bitten an individual.

How is a commercial truck accident different from a car accident?

Even though both truck accidents and car accidents fall under the legal theory and principle of negligence, commercial truck accidents are different from car accidents in several respects. In general a commercial truck commonly referred to as a semitrailer - when loaded with its cargo - is estimated to weigh nearly 25 times more than an average car. Additionally, a commercial truck is typically much larger in size when compared to a typical car.

What is considered impaired driving in AZ and does it cause harm?

Impaired driving generally refers to a reduction in the ability of a driver to perform driving skills considered to be critical for the safe operation of a vehicle. Many people may be under the wrong impression that a driver is considered to be impaired only if that person is under the influence of alcohol. The terms impaired driving and drunk driving are interchangeably used by many. However, our Arizona residents may find it informative to learn that impaired driving can be caused by not only alcohol but also other drugs.

Drunk driver collides with another vehicle, kills one

Most Arizona residents who drive a car or some other vehicle understand that all drivers on the road have an ongoing responsibility to obey traffic laws, be alert and drive safely. Despite the caution one may observe on the road while driving, there may be others who may not observe the laws and cause an accident which may result in either serious injuries or death.

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