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What to know about sharing the road with trucks

According to one statistic, it is estimated that when a fatal car and truck accident occurs, 9 out 10 times those travelling in the car are killed. Additionally, Arizona residents may not know that in nearly 66 percent of those fatal crashes, the impact of the collision involved the front of the truck.

It goes without saying that the drivers of all vehicles need to learn to share the road with each other. Most car drivers may be under the wrong impression that if a driver can drive a car then they can drive a truck as well. In reality, the manner in which a truck operates and the maneuvers the truck driver has to make when accelerating and braking are very different from that of a car.

In general, trucks have much larger blind spots than cars, they need more room to take turns and may make wide turns and it takes trucks much longer to come to a stop after braking. Thus, when sharing the road with trucks, car drivers should be cognizant of the fact that if the car driver is in the blind spot of the truck, the truck driver will not see the car. Furthermore, it important to understand that pulling in front of a truck without enough distance will not give the truck driver enough time to stop the truck, and this delay can result in a car-truck collision. A truck needs nearly 50 percent more braking distance than a car.

A car and truck accident is more damaging to the car and its occupant due to the truck size. Tips for sharing the road are always helpful for drivers to keep in mind.

Source: Arizona Department of Public Safety, "Commercial Vehicle Enforcement," Accessed December 22, 2014

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