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November 2014 Archives

What are the dog liability laws in the state of Arizona?

Many people own and love their dogs. Dog owners are, in essence, guardians of their pets and dogs offer their human guardians companionship and unconditional love. Sometimes. However, a dog for some reason or another may attack or bite. Thus, it is important for every dog owner in Arizona to be aware that in the State of Arizona, specific statutes govern liability for dog bites.

What are some common causes of car-truck accident?

There may be a misconception out there that when an 18-wheeler, also known as a big rig, is involved in an accident on the roadways with a car, the car occupants are automatically entitled to compensation. However, the reality is that even though an accident between a car and big rig can be much more serious and deadly because of the size difference, it does not automatically mean that the truck driver was at fault or negligent.

Accident caused by drunk driver kills motorcycle officer

In a sad turn of events, according to the Chandler Police Department, recently a 37-year-old motorcycle officer lost his life in an accident caused by a drunk driver. Preliminary accident investigation reports indicated that the traffic accident occurred half past midnight at an intersection in Chandler.

How often does a car collision result in burn injuries?

Arizona residents may find it interesting to learn that, according to a U.S. Fire Administration division's Topical Fire Report published last year in 2013, an estimated 194,000 vehicle fires occurred annually on U.S. highways between years 2008-2010. Furthermore, the report noted that those fires on an average per year resulted in about 300 fatalities and about 1,250 injuries.

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