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September 2014 Archives

Does it matter what kind of animal attacks or bites me?

If you are in the unfortunate position of having been the victim of an animal attack, you may be surprised to find out that depending on the state where the attack took place, your rights may vary based on the type of animal that injured you in the attack.

Are you are distracted driver?

Distracted driving can be a somewhat nebulous term as it generally refers to any activity no matter how seemingly benign that could result in a driver temporarily diverting their attention from the task of driving and thereby compromising the safety of the driver, any passengers that may be in the vehicle as well as pedestrians and bystanders and other drivers on the road.

Two-car accident seriously injures drivers of both vehicles

Driving is a privilege, and all drivers who hold a valid driver's license have an on-going duty to take reasonable care when driving on roadways. It is important to obey all traffic laws, and be attentive. Despite these common sense rules, car accidents happen every day and cause injuries.

Involved in a car accident? What next?

Car accidents happen to unsuspecting motorists without warning or notice and any Arizona driver can be involved in a car accident at any time. Whether it is a head-on collision, rear-end collision or a T-bone accident, the nature of one's injuries and their severity may depend on the type of impact that occurred during the accident. Injuries can range from head, neck, spine and back injuries to broken bones and even burn injuries. Clearly, a driver can sustain serious injuries, which can result in a permanent disability. In some cases, a driver even may tragically lose his or her life.

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