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Semi-truck accidents on the rise

Arizona residents may find it interesting to learn that the number of truck accidents that result in fatalities has been on the increase and become an uncomfortable all too common of an occurrence now-a-days. According to numbers put out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, motorists on American highways are subjected to nearly 11 fatal truck accidents on any given day, on average. That equates to almost 4,000 people being killed as a direct consequence of truck accidents every year in this country. In one case, a mother and her two young children were instantly killed when a semi-trailer driver collided with their car. The semi-driver was also killed.

In addition to the fatalities, the number of injured people that attribute their injuries to truck crashes is truly astounding: well over 100,000 injured people every year. To put that in perspective, it is akin to having a fully loaded commuter jetliner crash and burn to the ground, killing everyone on board in the process once a week. To make matters worse, these numbers have been steadily increasing with no signs of abatement in sight.

The number of fatalities that can be directly linked to truck crashes has been steadily increasing since 2009. The main reason for the steady increase can be directly correlated with a growing economy that requires more goods to be shipped, which means more trucks on the road to deliver said goods in an efficient and timely manner. Demand for more trucks is also only getting larger by the day.

A collision between a semi-trailer and a sedan is more devastating for the sedan occupant or occupants. As the demand of more semi-trucks to be on the roads to transport materials increases, it is possible the serious injuries and fatalities on the road may also increase.

Source: NBC News, "Truck Accident Surge, But There's No National Outcry," Eamon Javers, July 28, 2014

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