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August 2014 Archives

Who can be held liable for injuries in a truck accident?

Trucks are the transport method of choice for delivering goods and products all over the country, and drivers have to share the highways with trucks that, when laden with cargo, can weigh as much as 25 times the weight of an average car. This means that when accidents occur between large trucks and regular motor vehicles the damage inflicted by the truck on a typical car is usually more destructive, and many times will cause serious injuries and even fatalities.

Two workers suffer burn injuries in fireworks explosion

Many people love to watch fireworks during events and holidays. Even though these events are fun for all, burn injuries can occur if such fireworks misfire or are improperly deployed. Despite regulations that address workplace safety, Arizona residents may find it interesting to learn that an incident at a fireworks factory has resulted in two employees suffering severe burns injuries on company property.

Semi-truck accidents on the rise

Arizona residents may find it interesting to learn that the number of truck accidents that result in fatalities has been on the increase and become an uncomfortable all too common of an occurrence now-a-days. According to numbers put out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, motorists on American highways are subjected to nearly 11 fatal truck accidents on any given day, on average. That equates to almost 4,000 people being killed as a direct consequence of truck accidents every year in this country. In one case, a mother and her two young children were instantly killed when a semi-trailer driver collided with their car. The semi-driver was also killed.

Owner liability, defenses and damages in animal bite cases

Both pet owners and those individuals who have been bitten or attacked by another person's pet may find the following information helpful in understanding pet owner liability, potential responsibilities of other parties in an animal bite lawsuit, potential defenses, as well as damages a victim may be able to recover in such cases.

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