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Woman suffers serious injuries in dog attack

In general, dogs offer families and owners unconditional love, devoted loyalty and companionship. Those in Arizona who own or have owned a dog understand the responsibility that comes along with dog ownership. Even though dog are fine pets and can be trained to obey commands, there are times when a dog may bite either another pet or a person, inflicting serious injuries.

Arizona residents may find it interesting to learn that a 71-year-old recently was attacked by dogs as she watered her garden. According to reports, the incident occurred late in June. Authorities and the pet owner were unclear as to what provoked the dogs to attack the woman, but allegedly at least four dogs mauled her. All the four dogs were described as being pit bulls. Even though she was listed in fair condition, the woman suffered serious injuries in the dog attack and has undergone at least three surgeries.

According to authorities who are familiar with the case, the pet owner of the four dogs was charged with one count each of an animal running at large and causing a disturbance. Following the attack, at least one dog that belonged to the 71-year-old had to be euthanized due the injuries it suffered in the attack and another dog was shot by authorities.

Reports of animal bites and dog bites are scary. Laws pertaining to dog bites vary from state to state. However, in Arizona, unless there is clear evidence showing that a dog was provoked, the pet or dog owner is strictly liable for the actions or conduct of his or her dog. Dogs are wonderful pets, but when they attack and serious injury results, an injured party may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses incurred as a result of the dog bite, future medical expenses, disfigurement and more.

Source: WRAL, "Owner charged in dog attack against 71-year-old Goldsboro woman," July 3, 2014

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