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June 2014 Archives

AZ rest areas encourage drivers to avoid distracted driving

Many Arizona residents may not find it surprising to learn that, according to the regional vice president of GEICO, distracted driving is one of the leading causes for an increasing number of fatalities and injuries on the roadways in the U.S. Distracted driving is also an issue in Arizona and can result in serious injuries and death.

Car accident in Tempe injures several, kills one

Every driver on the road has at some point probably been a witness to an accident, or has even been in one. Most people do not want to experience an accident, but at some level they understand that car accidents can happen without notice to anyone including themselves.

Two killed in multi-car accident, investigation continues

Arizona residents who have been in a car accident or know someone who has been in one understand how devastating the whole experience can be, particularly when one sustains serious injuries or is killed. Our readers may find it interesting to learn that recently in Mesa, AZ, two people lost their lives when a driver, who is believed to have been impaired, slammed into their vehicle as they were stopped at a red light.

Many injured, four killed in multi-vehicle accident at AZ border

Semi-trucks are an intregral part of the transportation of goods, and many people routinely drive beside them as they carry various loads. However, truck accidents can result in very serious injuries and even deaths to those who must share the roadways with big rigs.

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