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Dog bite prevention week kicks-off in Maricopa County

Our Arizona readers have likely seen or heard about the video clip of the cat attacking a dog which bit a young boy. As such stories made national headlines, Arizona residents may find it helpful and informative to learn that Maricopa County Animal Care & Control recently kicked-off National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

The purpose of the Dog Bite Prevention Week was to help inform and educate the general population about how to prevent, and safely interact with dogs. According to a MCACC field enforcement manager, even though Maricopa County saw a minor decrease in the reports of dog bites, there is still a need to educate people about how to prevent dog bites. In fact, a veterinarian noted that potentially all dogs can bite.

Learning to interact with dogs in an appropriate manner may help prevent dog bites from happening. For instance, some of the tips for parents and children include avoiding kissing or hugging a dog on its face. In the event one is approached by a dog, it important to not run, but stand very still. Furthermore, parents are reminded to let children know not to annoy a dog which has puppies, is sleeping, playing with its toy, or eating. Additionally, it is very important to keep one's children under control when dogs are nearby.

Dog owners on the other hand can ensure that their dog is not a threat to the community by making sure that they socialize their pet. This will help ensure that their dog is fairly familiar and OK with various situations. Getting one's dog neutered or spayed may help decrease any aggressive tendencies. Properly training a dog will also help. Furthermore, dog owners should always supervise and pay close attention to how their dog reacts when children are around.

Despite all the awareness initiatives to educate parents and dog owners alike, dog bites still happen. It is very important for all involved to understand that if a dog bite occurs, and human skin is breached or broken, the incident must be reported. For anyone who has suffered harm due to a dog bite, they may wish to contact a personal injury lawyer to have the facts one's case evaluated and receive all the compensation to which they are entitled.

Source: KTVK, "National Dog Bite Prevention Week next week," Tami Hoey, May 13, 2014

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