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Distracted driving may have played a role in car accident

It is common for many people to own a smart phone and other high tech devices. In fact, many new cars are equipped with touch screens and GPS systems. Technology has connected people to the Internet, but an unintended consequence of the easy access to information is distractions while driving. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, distracted driving has reached epidemic proportions on United States roadways, and in 2012 alone it claimed over 3,300 lives.

Arizona residents are also affected by distracted drivers, and our readers may not find it surprising to learn that recently a pick-up truck struck the left side of a patrol car that was pulled over, and ended up rolling over. The car accident is still under investigation, but a Department of Public Safety officer noted that distracted driving may have played a role in the car collision.

The incident occurred on US 60 just west of Val Vista Driver in Mesa. According to the DPS, a safety officer patrol vehicle was pulled over on the right hand side shoulder, and had its emergency lights one as the officer was completing notes from a traffic stop he had made. At some point, a pick-up truck swerved to the right, struck the left hand side of the patrol car, and ended up rolling over. Thankfully, even though the driver of the pick-up had to be extracted from his vehicle, both the driver and the safety officer only suffered minor injuries.

In most states, including Arizona, under the Move Over law drivers are supposed to either slow down or, if possible, move over one lane whenever any vehicle with flashing lights is pulled over. Furthermore, when if not possible to move over a lane, the driver should exercise caution and be attentive. In this particular case, preliminary investigation reports indicate that the safety officer had his emergency lights flashing. Despite the flashing lights, the pick-up collided with the patrol car.

The Move Over law is one of the many laws that all drivers on the road should obey when operating their vehicles. When a driver fails to observe traffic laws or is distracted, that is when accidents happen. No one is immune to car accidents, and most people have either been in one or know someone who has.

Source: KTVK, "DPS officer, truck driver injured in rollover crash on US 60," Jennifer Thomas, May 5, 2014

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