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Arizona wrong-way collisions lead to emergency meeting

Arizona residents should be interested to know that a spike in head-on collisions has raised the concern of Arizona law enforcement officials. Three unrelated head-on crashes occurred in less than a week; all three incidents resulted in multiple fatalities. In response, law enforcement authorities held an emergency meeting in conjunction with transportation officials in order to come up with a solution to deal with the problem.

In the first instance, a pickup truck entered an eastbound freeway while travelling westbound in the opposite direction. When the authorities were notified of the vehicle speeding opposite the traffic on the freeway, they quickly dispatched multiple units to flag down and stop the pickup truck. Unfortunately, they were not able to stop the pickup truck in time before it collided head-on with another vehicle travelling down the freeway, killing both its occupants.

Both the truck driver and a passenger in the truck were seriously injured and hospitalized. The accident is still under investigation and police have not ruled out drunk driving as a possible cause of the accident.

In a second instance, three family members in a van that was carrying six people were killed when a driver in his sixties slammed into them driving the wrong way down the roadway. Police had dispatched multiple units and a police helicopter to locate and disable the car as soon as it was reported, but they could not get to it in time to prevent the tragedy. Here, as well, driver impairment also has not been ruled out as a contributing factor to the accident.

In the third instance, a drunk driver killed an off-duty police officer as he was travelling home after his shift had ended, when the drunk driver ran into the officer while travelling the wrong way down a highway. When the driver's blood alcohol level was tested, it came back at a staggering 0.24 percent, which is three times the legal limit.

According to police officials, most wrong way head-on collisions occur during the early morning hours, so drivers are encouraged to try and stay off the roads during those times. For anyone who has been injured by a drunk driver or has lost a family member in a drunk driving accident, he or she should contact a personal injury law firm to have the facts of one's case evaluated and discuss legal options that may be available to hold a negligent driver responsible.

Source: USA Today, "Ariz. examines 3 fatal wrong-way crashes within week," Jackee Coe and Matthew Casey, May 18, 2014

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