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Arizona jogger killed in car accident

Many Arizona residents routinely head outside to not only get some fresh air and enjoy nature with family and friends, but also to stay healthy. Even though most runners and walkers hope that motorists are attentive when they are operating their vehicle and that they will obey traffic laws, it is not uncommon for reports about car-pedestrian accidents to make headlines.

In many cases, given the size and weight difference between a car that weighs almost a ton and a human being, in an accident involving a car and a pedestrian the human being is more likely to sustain serious injuries and may even lose their life. In fact, our Arizona readers may have heard by now that recently a 43-year-old female jogger from Glendale lost her life when she was hit by a car as she was jogging.

The accident is still under investigation, but according to authorities the tragic accident happened a little before 5:30 a.m. east of 75th Avenue. A Glendale police officer who responded to the accident scene indicated that two women were reportedly jogging eastbound when a vehicle hit one of them from behind. Even though the 43-year-old jogger who was hit received medical attention and treatment at the scene of the accident, she had to be transported via air to a hospital. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The other jogger was not hurt in the accident, and the driver of the car remained at the scene. Given that the accident is still under investigation, it is unclear if impaired or distracted driving played a role. However, authorities do not believe that speed played a role in this case.

For many people who walk, run or jog, reading about such incidents are a reminder that regardless of how safe someone thinks they are being, accidents happen that not only cause serious injuries but also result in the tragic loss of life, potentially due to the negligence of another person. Anyone who has suffered serious injuries needs to be sure that they get the right information about their legal options.

Source: KTVK, "Glendale jogger hit by car dies," May 2, 2014

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