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Man suffers burn injuries after woman pours hot oil on him

Arizona residents may find a recent criminal case disturbing. In this case a recently divorced 38-year-old woman caused her ex-husband serious third-degree burns injuries when she poured hot oil on him as he slept. According to reports the 38-year-old woman and her ex-husband had recently divorced, and had two children.

Investigators indicated that the ex-husband extended an invitation to his ex-wife and their two children to spend some time with him at his home so that he and his ex-wife could discuss ongoing matters related to their recent divorce. Apparently while she was at his home the woman became aware that her ex-husband had started dating other women. Allegedly upset that her ex-husband was seeing other women, in a fit of rage she woke up during the early morning hours of the day of incident, went into the kitchen, heated a container of cooking oil, and then took the hot oil into the room her ex-husband was sleeping and poured it over him.

As a result of the 38-year-old woman's actions, her ex-husband was seriously burned by the hot oil, and also blinded though thankfully only temporarily. As a result of the attack the man received extensive third degree burns on nearly 65 percent of his body -- as well as his face. The 38-year-old woman was criminally charged and sentenced to nearly two decades in prison, and ordered to pay about $10,000 in restitution. However, the burn injuries her ex-husband sustained will likely cause the man physical and psychological pain for years to come. For many it is hard to fathom such an incident and imagine what the man is going through.

However, burn injuries can occur to anyone during various activities such as working in restaurant kitchen and even during a car accident. The pain and suffering an individual of a burn injury victim is incomprehensible. Furthermore, the recovery, and adjustment to life can be difficult. From anyone who believes that they have suffered a burn injury may be able to civilly hold the responsible party accountable.

Source: Valley News, "Woman Sentenced for Scalding Her Ex with Boiling Oil," March 31, 2014

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