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April 2014 Archives

Suspected street car racing results in one death, two injuries

Most Arizona drivers are cognizant of the fact that they must share the road with other drivers. Given that driving is a privilege, all drivers have an ongoing obligation to ensure that they are law-abiding and that they observe all existing laws. In a perfect world, all drivers would obey laws, respect rules, follow speed limits and, as a result, car accidents would not occur. Sadly, today's society is not perfect, and despite statutes put in place to prevent car accidents, they routinely happen, which can cause debilitating injuries and even death.

One killed in car accident when struck by multiple vehicles

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, a female passenger riding in a car recently was involved a car accident. She died after she was ejected from the car, thrown into approaching traffic and then hit by a number of other vehicles.

Man suffers burn injuries after woman pours hot oil on him

Arizona residents may find a recent criminal case disturbing. In this case a recently divorced 38-year-old woman caused her ex-husband serious third-degree burns injuries when she poured hot oil on him as he slept. According to reports the 38-year-old woman and her ex-husband had recently divorced, and had two children.

Multi-car accident injures police detective, and motorcyclist

Sharing the road is the reality of today's world. Generally, most drivers in Arizona are aware that roads have to be shared not only by other motorists but also bicyclists, buses, pedestrians, 18-wheelers and motorcyclists. All those who use the roadways have an on-going duty to be attentive, obey laws and operate their respective mode of transportation as safely as possible. Nevertheless, it is far too often that news about car accidents, multi car collisions and more that result in serious injuries and even death make headlines.

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