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New trucking proposal may make Arizona roads safer

Motorists and truck drivers have to learn to share the roadways, and all drivers have to try to be as safe as possible. Despite traffic laws, there are times when new policies and strategies may have to be implemented to minimize accidents. Arizona residents may find it interesting to learn that a new government proposal may help make driving safer for commercial bus and truck drivers, and the other drivers who share the road with them. The new proposal will require all commercial trucks and buses that are operated across state lines to be equipped with electronic devices that are able to log how long the vehicles are being operated.

A lot of automotive accidents that include commercial trucks and buses have had investigators cite driver fatigue as the reason for the crash, resulting from drivers exceeding work hour limits. The problem is so prevalent that in some cases drivers, and sometimes even their employers, were caught altering the required trucking log books to hide extended driving hours from inspectors. In some instances they went so far as to keep two sets of books, one for official company records and the other for government inspectors.

The devices, when installed and activated, will make it unlikely if not impossible for commercial drivers to distort the number of continuous hours that their vehicles have been operated and thereby help reduce crashes that are caused by tired and inattentive drivers. Most large trucking operations have already installed such devices to keep track of truck drivers that are entrusted with expensive company vehicle fleets. They are not viewed favorably by smaller trucking operations and drivers that freelance by driving their own rigs.

The American Trucking Association has welcomed the proposal. They believe it will improve safety, reduce truck accidents and ensure compliance in the trucking industry.

Source: The Republic, "Feds propose devices to automatically track truck, behind the wheel," Joan Lowy, March 13, 2014

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