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Woman from China killed in collision near Grand Canyon

Imagine travelling to another country with your friends or family, and then a serious auto accident happens, injuring you or your travelling partners. The situation is likely to fill anyone with desperation and confusion. If another driver is at fault for the accident, then it may be necessary to take legal action in what are already unfamiliar circumstances.

These issues come to mind in the wake of a fatal accident not far from an entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park. A 24-year-old woman from China was killed in the crash, and two other people were injured and transported to Flagstaff for treatment. The survivors' injuries were reportedly non-critical.

Police say the young woman who died was a backseat passenger in a car that collided with a pickup truck. The crash happened a few miles north of the south entrance to the park. The occupants of the truck did not appear to have suffered injuries.

According to park officials, snow and sleet were falling when the collision occurred, though the exact cause of the accident wasn't reported.

A harrowing event such as this one can leave surviving family members emotionally devastated. The pain may be worse if the accident was preventable. When a fatal car accident was caused by another driver's negligence, the surviving family members can choose to bring a wrongful death claim.

Inherently, such a claim can never be an appropriate remedy for the loss of a loved one, but a wrongful death lawsuit may lead to monetary compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of income and loss of companionship.

In Arizona, a wrongful death claim has to be filed within two years of the death. Under certain circumstances, that time period is shorter. Our wrongful death website has more on these matters.

Source:, "Woman killed in crash near Grand Canyon's entrance ID'd," Feb. 5, 2014

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