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Teen drivers more likely to drive distracted

Car accidents continue to pose a serious risk for teen drivers in Arizona and throughout the United States. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that car accidents are the number one cause of death for teens. More than 2,500 teens were killed in car accidents in 2010, according to the CDC, and teens are three times as likely to be involved in a fatal crash compared to drivers age 20 and older. 

Teens have a higher risk of being killed in a car accident for several reasons, but one of the main factors is due to distracted driving. A new study found that teen drivers are more likely to become distracted behind the wheel, increasing their risk for being in an accident. 

There are several types of distractions that teen drivers are guilty of committing. The study found that texting, dialing on a cellphone, reaching for objects, eating and looking at things outside the vehicle are all very dangerous distractions that teen drivers commit. All of these factors increase the chances of being in a car accident. 

The study also found another reason why teen drivers are more likely to be in car crashes. The study reported that in addition to teen drivers being more likely to become distracted while driving, they also don't always notice potential hazards on the road. 

The researchers recommended that teen drivers become more aware of the hazards of distracted driving, and not just the dangers of texting behind the wheel. Teen drivers are often not aware of the risks they face while driving, but there are new state laws and driving restrictions that new drivers had to adhere to that should help teen drivers stay safe on the road.

Source: Health Day, "Teen Drivers Become Distracted Quickly," Steven Reinberg, Jan. 2, 2013

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