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Pile-up accident in Arizona injures 3, including 1-year-old

Numerous vehicles were involved in a pile-up crash in Arizona recently, leaving three people injured, including one toddler. The car accident happened as many vehicles were driving the road -- and one in particular, an SUV, suddenly stopped (the driver claims traffic was stopped in front of her). It is unknown why the SUV did this, but after the stop a car crashed into its rear bumper. Three pickup trucks followed suit, and one of the trucks (which was pulling a trailer) crushed all of the vehicles. The driver of that truck was ticketed for an unknown reason.

As a result, three people were injured, and two of the most severely hurt were a 20-year-old man and his 1-year-old son. Thankfully, they are both expected to pull through. Officials are crediting the safety seat the toddler was in for saving his life.

This crash is under investigation and it will be very interesting to learn why the first car stopped so suddenly. Was the driver distracted by something else before quickly looking up and noticing traffic stopped? Did the driver make a mistake, slamming on the brakes when he or she meant to do something else?

Still, even with the sudden stop in the middle of the road, cars do have the responsibility of leaving enough space between them and the cars in front of them. In rear-end collisions, it is usually the person who initiates the crash (the vehicle in the rear) that is liable. In a case like this where numerous vehicles are involved, shared liability could play a crucial role.

Source:, "Toddler, 2 adults injured in chain-reaction crash in Phoenix," Jennifer Thomas, Jan. 16, 2014

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