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Drunk driving arrests, accidents declined in Arizona

Drunk driving is a serious safety hazard and contributes to many car accidents every year in Arizona. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs increases the chances of getting into a car accident, which is why law enforcement officials are trying to crack down on drunk drivers. 

The risk of being arrested for drunk driving may have a positive impact in Arizona, as the state reported that 2013 had fewer DUI arrests compared to previous years. The Governor's Office of Highway Safety reported that this is the first time DUI arrests have decline in Arizona in the last 10 years.

Until this past year, DUI arrests have increased every year from 2004 to 2012. However, 2013 finally saw a change. According to the report, there were 29,163 DUI arrests in Arizona last year compared to 32,171 DUI arrests during the previous year. 

Car accidents involving drunk drivers also decreased in Arizona last year. DUI-related accidents declined by 5 percent, according to the Impaired Driver Enforcement Unit. The decline in drunk driving accidents is good news, but the high number of individuals arrested for drunk driving is still concerning. 

Even though drunk driving incidents may be declining, or at least the number of drivers being arrested for DUI have decreased, drunk driving is still a safety risk for everyone on the road in Arizona. Drivers need to be aware of the dangers of drunk driving and take steps to make sure they don't get behind the wheel when they've had too much to drink.

Drunk driving is very dangerous and kills many people every year. Drunk driving is a senseless act that shouldn't be occurring on Arizona roads. Drivers need to make sure they taking steps to stay safe on the road and hopefully, Arizona will continue to see a decline in drunk driving arrests and accidents in the future.

Source: Arizona Daily Star, "DUI arrests down in Arizona in 2013," Veronic M. Cruz, Jan. 7, 2014

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