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How are infections prevented following a burn injury?

Accidents do happen. While we typically experience minor injuries like a paper cut, stubbed toe or pinching a finger in a door, some accident could result in severe injuries. A burn injury is not only painful but also damaging. In some cases, victims require much medical treatment in order to overcome the complications associated with such an injury.

How are infections prevented following a burn injury? No matter the source of a burn injury, it is likely that a victim has suffered damaged skin tissue. Additionally, a victim could suffer harm to their muscle tissue, nerves and even bones. Depending on the severity of the burn, victims could require surgery, skin grafts, rehabilitation and much recovery time.

Dangers that lead to truck accidents

When Arizona residents think about the trucking industry, they think about the role these large commercial vehicles play in society. Big rig trucks are frequently used to deliver goods and make long-distance shipments. While this is viewed as necessary to most, the trucking industry is also the source of various danger and risks on the roadways. Truck drivers are responsible for operating large vehicles, and they are expected to use a certain level of care when doing so.

When a truck driver fails to uphold this duty of care or a trucking company urges its drivers to work longer and more hours to ensure they make timely, early or additional delivers, this could result in a serious truck accident. Negligence is often the culprit of a truck crash, making it imperative that victims of a crash understand what might have caused the pain and suffering they are currently enduring.

Helping victims protect their rights following a truck crash

Every day, motorists in Arizona share the road with large commercial trucks. While it is commonplace to encounter tractor-trailer trucks and semi-trucks on the roadways, this fact does not make it any easier on drivers who travel near one or several of these massive vehicles. While truckers are trained to drive these trucks long distances, they do not always follow the regulations that control safety within the trucking industry. In fact, it is often the case that these federal trucking regulations are violated, resulting in serious and fatal truck accidents.

Not many vehicles can withstand the force of a collision involving a large commercial truck. The aftermath of a truck accident is often destructive, resulting in serious injuries. At the Law Office of Keith A. Hammond, P.C., our experienced legal team understands the devastation and hardship that can follow a truck accident. Thus, we are dedicated to helping crash victims in the Flagstaff area understand their rights and navigate a legal action.

How dangerous is distracted driving?

Most motorists in Arizona understand that it is a privilege to drive a vehicle. With this privilege comes great responsibility. Drivers owe a certain duty of care to others while they operate a motor vehicle. A failure to uphold this duty is frequently the cause of serious and even fatal car accidents. Even when others drive defensively, a negligent driver can take them by surprise and leave them with serious injuries.

Negligence behind the wheel can come in many forms, including speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, and failing to stop at a stop sign or traffic light. One of the most concerning forms of negligence, though, is distracted driving.

What constitutes distracted driving?

Life can get busy and chaotic. In order to address the growing demands in life, some residents in Arizona depend on their ability to multitask. While multitasking is perfectly safe in some environments, it can be tragic and life-threatening in others. For example, multitasking while behind the wheel of a vehicle is not only dangerous for the driver, but also for other motorists on the road. Thus, in the event of a car accident, it is important for victims to understand whether the car accident that left them injured was caused by distraction.

Most people associate distracted driving with cell phone usage. However, distracted driving can take a wide variety of forms. In fact, distracted driving occurs when a driver performs any activity that could distract him or her from the primary task of operating a vehicle. Essentially, it can be anything that takes a driver's eyes off the road or their mental concentration away from driving.

Roundabouts might cause more crashes than they reduce

Federal, State and local governments take action to help correct wrongs and better society. When it comes to automobile collisions, regulations are passed and changes to road designs are implemented in an effort to reduce crashes and increase safety on the roads. But what if some of these countermeasures are not effective? What if they in fact cause more accidents rather than they prevent?

This is the dilemma faced in the state of Arizona. Traffic circles, or roundabouts, were designed to reduce crashes and prevent delays on well-traveled roads. Because of this, many cities across Arizona and other states have constructed roundabouts. However, a recent study by the Arizona State University discovered that these structures have been having the opposite effect than what was intended.

Who can be held responsible for a dog bite?

As a previous post discussed, a dog attack can involve any breed of dog and a person of any age. While many do not consider this to be a likely occurrence, residents in Arizona and other states across the nation should note the possibility of these attacks and what rights they have following such a traumatic incident. By knowing their rights and being proactive about protecting them, victims could hold negligent parties accountable so that financial damages can be recovered following such an attack.

Who can be held responsible for a dog bite and what damages are recoverable from such an incident? When assessing the responsibility for a dog bite, it is important to understand whether the state imposes strict liability, and whether the dog has an ascertainable owner. If there is a dog owner and strict liability applies, then the dog owner is liable for an animal bite whether or not the owner was aware of the dog's dangerous propensity and regardless of whether the dog owner did anything wrong to cause the attack.

Associating dog breeds with dog bites

In today's society, it is hard to encounter a household that does not have a pet. Dog ownership, however, comes with many responsibilities. A dog owner is not only responsible for caring for and providing for the dog, but they also need to take steps to ensure the safety of the dog and the people coming into contact with the dog. Unfortunately, some dog owners are negligent, resulting harm to others caused by a dog bite.

For some, a dog attack can seem like an unlikely event, or some people might associate such a tragic event with certain dog breeds. However, dog bites could potentially occur to anyone and by any breed of dog. Many people may believe that certain breeds are more aggressive than others. While there can be some truth to that, there are currently no definitive studies that focus on dog bites by breeds on a national scale.

Taking action following an accident causing burn injuries

The aftermath of an accident can be catastrophic. Not only is the event alone life-altering, but victims are also frequently left with severe injuries that may be difficult to overcome or fully heal. One of these challenging injuries is a burn injury. Whether it is due to a fire, electricity or chemicals, a burn injury can cause pain and suffering, as well as serious damage to the skin, nerves and muscles. This often requires significant medical treatment, rehabilitation and recovery time for a burn victim to overcome such an injury.

Even with surgeries, skin grafts, rehabilitation and medical treatments, some burn victims do not fully recover. At the Law Office of Keith A Hammond, P.C., our experienced attorneys understand the challenging predicament burn victims are in. We are dedicated to helping Arizona residents who are suffering from burn injuries.

What is the source of the increase in electrical bun injuries?

No matter the cause or the severity of a burn injury, victims are likely to endure pain and suffering. Additionally, victims will likely require ongoing medical treatment for physical and mental injuries caused by the accident that resulted in burn trauma.

What is the source of the recent increase in electrical burn injuries? Over the past year and a half, emergency room doctors noticed a strange increase in a specific type of burn injury. More patients were being transported to the emergency room for burns caused by electronic cigarettes. Patients claim that they while the device was in their pocket, they suddenly felt it get hot. However, they were unable to get the device out of their pocket or their pants off quickly enough to avoid injury.

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