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Flagstaff is at the crossroads of Interstates 40 and 17. As a result, it gets more than its share of commercial truck traffic. While commercial trucks play an important role in delivering goods from one part of the country to another, these vehicles must be operated with the highest level of care. Because trucks are so much larger than cars, motorcycles and other passenger vehicles, trucks are far more likely to cause life-changing injuries or even death in an accident.

Following a serious accident, the lawyer you choose to take on your personal injury case can make a significant difference. With a quarter-century of legal experience, Flagstaff truck accident attorney Keith Hammond is committed to helping injured people throughout Northern Arizona.

Building A Strong Truck Accident Case

While truck accidents and car accidents both involve motor vehicles, the similarities stop there. Of perhaps greatest importance, commercial trucks are required to carry large amounts of liability insurance. This is good, as it ensures that there will be sufficient insurance coverage available to the victims. On the other hand, with so much money at stake, the trucking company's insurers will tend to vigorously contest any claims.

At our law firm, we will conduct a complete investigation, working with experts as necessary, to prove how the accident happened. In Northern Arizona, many traffic accidents happen in the winter, when drivers who are unfamiliar with driving in snow and ice drive at excessive speeds or fail to allow for sufficient stopping distance. This can have particularly serious consequences when an 18-wheeler is involved. You can rely on our firm to get to the bottom of your accident.

In addition, we have a complete command of the laws governing commercial vehicles. Commercial trucks are required to follow many state and federal regulations. These regulations guide everything from how many hours a truck driver can operate his or her vehicle to the proper loading of a trailer. If the truck driver or trucking company violated any of these regulations, we will work to hold them responsible.

Having hundreds of cases over his career, Keith Hammond is fully prepared to take a case to trial or arbitration if necessary. His trial experience, and willingness to try cases when necessary, enhances the credibility of your case.

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