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The police in Flagstaff and surrounding areas are very proactive in investigating and apprehending individuals suspected of drunk driving. As a result, DUI charges are very common, impacting people from all walks of life. The fact of the matter is that even a first DUI offense can have dramatic repercussions. The criminal penalties for a DUI conviction are serious, including fines, probation and the loss of your driving privileges. Depending on your blood alcohol level and your number of offenses, jail or prison time could be a possibility as well.

At Keith A. Hammond, P.C., we provide tough, effective representation against DUI charges. We recognize that you may face not only serious criminal penalties, but other consequences as well. For example, a DUI conviction could damage your employment prospects in certain professions, such as commercial driving. In all cases, Flagstaff DUI attorney Keith Hammond and our team will work tirelessly to protect you from both the criminal and other consequences.

Investigating All Of The Evidence In DUI/DWI Charges

In every drunk driving case, our lawyer will look closely at the evidence to determine all available defenses. Many drunk or impaired driving cases hinge on the validity of the initial stop. The police must have a reasonable suspicion that you were engaged in illegal activity. If the police did not have a reasonable suspicion, then the traffic stop, and any evidence stemming from the stop, cannot be allowed in court. We will look at other potential defenses, such as the validity of the breath or blood tests. If there are any defenses to your DUI charge, you can count on us to explore these defenses and make strong arguments in your favor.

Defending Against All Types Of DUI Allegations

In addition to regular DUI charges, there are "Extreme DUI" charges for people with a blood alcohol level between .15 and .199. Also, there are "Super Extreme DUI" charges for people with a blood alcohol level of .20 or higher. If you or someone you love faces either of these charges, we will work tirelessly to minimize the potential consequences.

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